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1 Aug home

This was an adorable children’s movie that I really enjoyed. It begins with a misfit “Boov” which is apparently some sort of alien. His name is Oh, and he is not very loved in his community. The Boov are making a move to Earth and once they arrive, Oh finds himself still making mistakes and is on the run from his own people. He meets a young girl, Tip, and her cat, Pig, and decides to run with them. Through his adventures with the human, he discovers that making mistakes is part of life and finds the true meaning of home.


Jim Parsons was the perfect voice for Oh for multiple reasons. Though I found myself many times throughout the film picturing Sheldon Cooper, I couldn’t imagine anyone else taking on this role. Rihanna was an interesting choice for Tip. She is not someone I would expect to take this role. I didn’t hate it, however there was nothing spectacular about it. I felt the same way about Jennifer Lopez playing the mother. She had a very small role and it was obvious it was her right away, but the fact that it was J-Lo had no impact on me. Steve Martin, of course, crushed the role of Captain Smek, the Boov leader. It actually took me a little while to realize who it was, but of course it was Mr. Martin.

I would recommend this film to all children and even adults. It is funny, quirky, and even emotional. The nearly perfect mix of the three created a must see film this summer!

home2     home3

The Rory Gilmore Book Challenge: Catch-22

30 Jul Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 9.14.22 AM

Crossing another title off my list, I have just completed Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. It is one of those classic books I have never read but still referenced. Here’s what happens if you haven’t read it! There is an Air Force soldier named Yossarian. He thinks there are millions of people out to kill him but everyone just thinks he is crazy. He begins to take the whole war (World War II) personally, as if everyone is there to kill him specifically. Yossarian spends much of his time faking illnesses in the hospital to avoid the war. He has many memories going through his mind which are told to the readers as flashbacks. Catch-22, in short, refers to a circumstance in which there is no escape because of conflicting conditions or reasonings.


The novel is referenced in Gilmore Girls in the season 5 episode, So…Good Talk. Lorelai is in a fight with her mother (big surprise) because of the incident at her and Richard’s vow renewal. This is also the episode that Rory decides to take a serious step in her relationship with Logan and informs Lorelai.

logan and rory Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 9.14.22 AM

So You Think You Can Dance Second Elimination

29 Jul street

The second elimination episode of season 12 began with a fun group dance to Let The Groove Get In by Justin Timberlake – an awesome song! It was a fun and upbeat dance making it perfect for an opening number. We then learned that Team Stage is still in the lead with the most votes! GO TEAM STAGE!


JaJa, Derek and Alexia took the stage first with a Stacy Tucci routine. The trio danced to All Waters by Perfume Genius, and it was beautiful. I am a huge Alexia fan and loved her in this. JaJa though not perfect was a nice surprise, and of course, Derek killed it.

Alexia Derek Jaja


Moises, Megz and Jim took on a JaQuel Knight routine. While this was right up Megzs’ alley, it was not so much for the guys. However, the three rocked my socks off in this routine to Whateva by Remy Ma. First off, they had amazing jackets with their names on the back. Second of all, they were all hitting hard. I could see that Moises could have been hitting a little harder but I still found the performance very entertaining by all three of them. Moises was then sent to be in the bottom this week.

Megz Moises Jim


JJ, Edson and Yorelis danced to Tovaris Wilson’s not so typical jazz routine. It was sassy and very entertaining as the three danced to Restart by Sam Smith. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the screen. This is one I rewatched without hesitation! It was something different and exciting which I loved. However, Edson was told he is in the bottom this week.

JJ Yorelis Edson


Marissa and Asaf danced to this Jean Marc Genereux routine to +1 by Martin Solveig and Sam White. Asaf looked like a B-Boy in this performance, which brought Marissa down a bit. However, I am a Marissa fan and I think she still did very well this week. Asaf was then given the news that he is in the bottom this week.

Asaf Marissa

African Jazz

Gaby, Burim and Ariana got together for a very different type of dance choreographed by Sean Cheesman. Danced to Gorilla by Lord KraVen, it is a very fast-paced dance. It seemed to be a little too much for B-Boy Burim which was unfortunate because I do like him. However, the girls crushed it though the three were rarely on the same beat. I am a fan of Gaby and am impressed by her every week, with this week being no exception. Unfortunately, Burim and Ariana were sent to the bottom this week.

Ariana Burim Gaby


Kate and Neptune took on this emotional routine choreographed by Justin Giles. The pair danced to Promise by Ben Howard. The two were a little off from each other but I could see and feel the connection between them. Unfortunately, Kate was in danger this week and sent to the bottom six.

Kate Neptune


Hailee and Virgil came together for a Pharside and Phoenix robotic routine. Dancing to Runnin’ by Noahplause, these two were so much fun to watch! This is by far my favorite performance of the night. I could watch it over and over again! I have always been a fan of Virgil though I never really looked at Hailee too close before. I will not make that mistake again after this performance.

Hailee Virgil

Team Stage

The entire team came together for this Jaci Royal routine. The routine was difficult but like nothing else we saw this week. I loved watching this performance to For My Help by Hayden Clanin. The group really crushed it!

Team Street

This week the hip-hoppers and B-boys danced to a Marty Kudelka routine. It was a cool and smooth performance by the team. Dancing to Break Ya Neck by Busta Rhymes, I really enjoyed Team Street this week!


Moises, Edson, Asaf, Burim, Ariana, and Kate were in the bottom this week. The Twitter votes saved Ariana and Kate leaving the four guys in danger. Leaving us this week was then up to the judges. They decided that stage dancer Moises and street dancer Burim were no longer going to compete to be America’s Favorite Dancer.

And Kaitlyn Chooses…

28 Jul kaitlyn

The Bachelorette Final premiered last night and Kaitlyn gave away her final rose (physically not metaphorically). The two men left were Shawn and Nick. As we all already knew, Kaitlyn chose Shawn! There were many rumors and a lot of spoilers as the happy couple were not very good at keeping their relationship secret. Either way, the two are now looking to be happier than ever and are engaged!

Shawn NickkandSring

In the After The Final Rose episode we pretty much learned nothing new. However, we did get a close up of that gorgeous ring Shawn chose. Well done, sir! She also adjusted it a few times while talking along with Nick which I thought was hilarious. You know he noticed and probably went home and cried about it, right? Also, that was the most awkward situation and I was not even in it. It pretty much went like this: “Hi, you didn’t choose me.” “You are correct, I chose the guy you were just talking to and I am as happy as I could possibly be. “Oh, OK. Bye.”

You can tell Kaitlyn is tired of talking about Nick and him coming halfway through the season. To be honest, we all are. There was too much time given to the two of them rather than with Kaitlyn and the man she actually chose! The Bachelor just needs to give it up, move on, and focus on their next project. Which they did, with the millions of Bachelor In Paradise commercials.

Top 10 How I Met Your Mother Ted Quotes

27 Jul whole orchestra

Ted had some great motivational and inspirational words throughout the How I Met Your Mother series. Here are the top ten quotes!


dance in the rain




whole orchestra




love story











Etsy Crafts — UmbrellaAdventures

23 Jul IMG_2395

I have officially opened my Etsy store! Check out all of my handmade crafts at my Etsy store: UmbrellaAdventures. There are only a few items while I am getting started, but I am very excited that I have finally opened the store since I have been talking about it for so long. Below are some of my current listings, but be sure to check them all out by clicking the following link: UmbrellaAdventures.

Decorative Pillows




Knitted Items


Home Decor


So You Think You Can Dance – First Eliminations of Season 12

21 Jul Team Stage performs a group routine choreographed by Travis Wall.

The Top 20 dancers perform once more and two dancers are eliminated, one from Team Stage and one from Team Street. The two teams came together in the beginning of this week’s episode to perform to Baila Como Yo by District 78. It looked like a Mardi Gras and Spanish mixed of a hip hop routine. It was very entertaining to say the least. Pharside and Phoenix did an amazing job on the choreography, once again.


The first dance was an Oksana and Jonathan choreographed for Hailee, Yorelis and Darion. Dancing to Blucutu by Samara the trio completed some amazing tricks and flips. It was a fun piece but it was missing just a little heat.

Yorelis Hailee darion


Ariana and Derek took on a Ray Leeper Jazz piece. The two danced to Cry Me A River by Michael Buble and it was a great performance. The two were beautiful in technique but needed a little more from the performance aspect.

Ariana derek


Dee Caspary choreographed Virgil, Megz and Alexia to a piece in which the women were ruling Virgil. The three danced to Until We Go Down by Ruelle. I loved this piece and it was at the top of my rewatch list.  I love Virgil and Alexia is becoming one of my favorite girls on the show.

Alexia Virgil Megz


One of my favorite and probably the most challenging styles of dance: Bollywood. Nakul Dev Mahajan choreographed Lily, Burim, Gaby and Edson in a beautiful piece. The two street and two stages dancers brought all their energy in this piece to the fun Dhol Baaje by Ek Paheli Leela Soundtrack. I love watching this dance and probably will on repeat a few times.

Gaby Lily

Burim Edson


Spencer Liff choreographed Asaf, Kate and Neptune in this musically centered jazz routine. This wasn’t my favorite piece of the night though the music was a nice twist of All About That Bass performed by Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox and Kate Davis. I think the dancers overall did a good job with the performance but it was not the easiest to watch.

Kate Neptune Asaf


JaJa and Jim took on Hip Hop with Christopher Scott. The pair danced to No Woman, No Cry by Bob Marley & The Wailers.  This was definitely out of Jim’s comfort zone as a ballet dancer but I loved it. I am not a huge JaJa fan but I really enjoyed this piece. The two really crushed this one…amazing.

Jim JaJa


Marissa, Moises and JJ took on a Jazz piece with Ray Leeper in which the two women find out they have both been dating the same guy. The three danced to I’m So Sorry by Imagine Dragons which seemed to be the perfect song. I really loved everything about this performance and I am a huge fan of Marissa already.

JJ Marissa Moises

Team Street

The whole team came together for a Christopher Scott and Phillip Choeeo hip hop routine with some crazy props. See Saws are very difficult to work with, but I loved this piece. They danced to Time by Nathan Lanier. It was fun, but I enjoyed last weeks military take with the team better I think.

Team Stage

Travis choreographed this piece for this team and it was incredible. You can never go wrong with a Travis Wall routine. I definitely re-watched this performance multiple times. Team Street won last week, but Team Stage dominated this week


The dancers in danger this week were Ariana, Lily, Darion, Derek, Moises and Neptune. The Twitter voting in which viewers had a few minutes to tweet to save two contestants saved Neptune (Street) and Moises (Stage). The two dancers that left us this week were Darion and Lily as chosen by the judges.


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